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Mr B Baker (Tenant)

I reported a problem with my central heating system and a slight leak into kitchen to UniGaff and an engineer was with me within 3 hours fixing all problems, I also received a phone call from Unigaff at the end of the day asking if the repair was complete. Ten out of Ten for service.

Mr S Harris (Tenant)

We had a problem with water coming through our kitchen ceiling onto a light fitting on a Saturday, rang Unigaff not thinking I would get hold of anyone esecially on a six nations weekend, to my surprise spoke with a member of staff and an engineer called with us the same day and put right the problem.

Miss K Colcombe (Tenant)

We had a problem with our neighbours playing loud music into the early hours of the morning we reported this to Unigaff and after a few visits to the tenants the problem stopped, the agent has phoned us several times to make sure there were no further problems which is nice as we are young girls who are not comfortable with confronting neighbours. Thanks Unigaff.

Gareth Davies (Landlord)

Unigaff have been looking after my properties now for some time and it is a good feeling knowing my properties are in good hands when i live and work so far away from Swansea.